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Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain. Over 80% of people will have some form of back or neck  pain in their life. Back or neck pain can be a simple case of local hypomobility (stiffness) and some associated muscle tightness. This generally requires only  3-4 manual treatment sessions. Our experienced physios may use a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, taping, heat packs and exercises to fix this mild condition.

There are also some much more complex conditions which may require a prolonged form of treatment. The more complex type of back and neck  complaints can be post injury and may present with a longer history of back or neck  pain and often a higher level of pain and even other symptoms (pins and needles, numbness , burning pain and/or  muscle weakness). Obviously the more complex the back or neck pain presentation the longer the treatment/rehabilitation will take. It also may include other practioners (GPs, Specialists, radiologists, other allied health therapists). These complex pain clients may require guided injections of even surgery. So don't let your mild back or neck pain go untreated and end up in the more complex/chronic category, come see one of our expert physiotherapists at Contact Physiotherapy.