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Growing Pains Treated

Many children have growing pains that may not be linked to growth spurts. However the conditions that we treat and manage are muscle tightness in the calves or thighs, which may be linked to a growth spurt. The most common area of complaint is knee pain and/or ankle pain. Knee pain is normally due to a tight quadricep muscle and the child's knee cap or top of the shin bone is tender. This is often diagnosed as Osgood Schlatters Condition.  Growing pains were the ankle is sore maybe due to calf tightness and the child will be tender at the base of the achilles tendon. Diagnosed as Severs Condition.  Children who present with either of these conditions respond very well to physio treatment, massage, taping and a stretching program. Sufferers may be left limping for months if not managed properly.