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Headache and migraine specialized treatment

All of our physiotherapists at Contact Physiotherapy have been expertly  trained  in the latest headache and migraine treatments. Our Watson trained migraine physios specialize in an alternative treatment for migraines. This treatment has a success rate as high as 80%. The treatment is aimed at desensitizing the trigeminocervical tract. This is believed to be over sensitive in many migraine sufferers. Our trained physios find if your migraines can be reproduced by applying  pressure to one of  the upper 3 cervical (neck) joints, this treatment may work for you. If we can reproduce your migraine at a much lower level then we can often decrease the intensity and frequency of the migraines in the future. The best outcome which many have enjoyed, is total freedom from their migraines. So if you've tried everything but still are suffering migraines book an appointment, it may change your life.